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Steve Balbi Singer
Don Martin  Bass   Murray Burns  Keyboards Paul Dunningham  Drums Colin Bayley  Guitar Introducing Steve Balbi  Lead Vocals Steve, one of Australia’s finest songwriters, first with Noiseworks, then Electric Hippies and now as a dynamic solo performer. He has emerged from the darker side of rock 'n' roll with an energy and authenticity that has created an underground swell amongst new fans. On Stage, one sees a transformation of a seasoned performer, almost like an actor transitioning into character. Travis New Lead Guitar. Since graduating from Southern Cross University in 2008 and relocating to Sydney, Travis has become a familiar face on the Australian touring circuit. Being a highly versatile and dynamic guitar player has seen Travis perform with many artists across a wide variety of genres. No matter what stage Travis walks onto you can rest assured he will be bringing HEART, SOUL & ROCK N ROLL.  Kevin Stanton is currently facing a very long recovery from major spinal surgery, affecting the use of his left arm and hand. Like “Steve Gilpin”, he will be with us on stage as that chemistry is built into the songs and bonds us all through an invisible thread.
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